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Reunion delivers de-risked portfolios of clean energy tax credits for CFOs and tax teams.

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Tax Credits Deliver A Strong Risk-Adjusted Return

Corporations can “do well and do good” by redirecting their tax payments to fund clean energy projects. Tax credits are typically purchased at a 7-10% discount; effective IRRs can be very compelling to buyers, since credits can be applied to quarterly tax payments.

The Reunion Advantage

Ongoing Administration

Tax Credit Insurance

Due Diligence

Reduced Risk

Legal Documents

Minimize Risk

Easily Manage Projects

Seamless Transaction Closing

Compare Projects and Options

Get a Simplified View of IRA Regulations and Complexities

Reunion Gives Buyers Access To Portfolios Of High Impact, Fully Diligenced Projects

Receive diversified portfolio of credits

Generate attractive return on capital

Use tax liability more efficiently

Contribute to ESG goals

Sample Transaction

Pay $45M in Cash for Tax Credits
Save $50M
On  Tax
Enjoy $5M in Profits

Reunion Offers A Replicable Transaction Process, With Less Complexity And Risk Compared to Tax Equity

Transferability offers greater flexibility and efficiency by facilitating smoother transactions and enhanced adaptability to changing market conditions.

Highly Recommended

Transferrable Renewable Energy Tax Credits (PTC/ITC)

Simple - transact with standardized purchase & sale agreement.

Lower Risk - seller indemnity and insurance protects tax credit value.

Easy - standardized documents and buyer protections enable a low-cost, repeatable process.

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Traditional Tax Equity

Complex -  investor must enter into equity partnership, with specific accounting treatment and complex reporting requirements.

Higher Risk - investor takes equity risk on project performance.

Difficult - legal documents such as operating agreements and tax opinions are customized to every transaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are experienced with tax credits or buying them for the first time, we have the expertise to help. Here are some common questions we get from buyers.

What risk am I taking with transferable investment tax credits?

Transferable tax credits are subject to recapture for five years, meaning that under rare circumstances (e.g. loss of an existing project without replacement), tax credits could be clawed back by the IRS. Reunion provides legal and financial protections against recapture to ensure buyers are not at risk of unexpected tax payments.

Why should I work with Reunion to buy tax credits?

Reunion is solely focused on executing transferability transactions. We have decades of combined market experience in tax equity investing and project finance, and know how to protect buyers’ interests. And our platform brings together the best projects, insurance products, and legal expertise to ensure a smooth, replicable purchasing process.

Is this a tax shelter?

No — the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” created transferability as a government-backed mechanism to permit the sale of federal tax credits from qualifying clean energy projects. For more information, see our post here.

Is there a minimum purchase amount?

No — you can buy transferable tax credits in any amount, large or small. You can also bundle together projects to diversify your credit portfolio, or purchase an entire project of your choosing.

How do I buy transferable tax credits?

After identifying the projects you are interested in buying credits from, Reunion provides a thorough, standardized diligence package to meet your underwriting criteria. Then you will sign a purchase-and-sale agreement that includes indemnifications and tax credit insurance. Finally, you will receive the necessary reporting documents to claim the credits on your annual tax return.

Reunion Accelerates Investment Into Clean Energy

Reunion’s team has been at the forefront of clean energy financing for the last twenty years. We help CFOs and corporate tax teams purchase clean energy tax credits through a detailed and comprehensive transaction process.

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