Prevailing wage & Apprenticeship compliance

Ensure compliance with IRA-specific prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements to maximize the amount of credits your project can transfer.

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5X Project Credit Volume by 
Complying with PWA Requirements

Projects that comply with PWA requirements generally receive a tax credit that is five times greater than the non-PWA-compliant rate.

Eliminate silos

Store proof of prevailing wage and apprenticeship compliance in a single repository that can be shared with relevant parties.

Maintain piece of mind

Rest easy knowing the real-time status of your project in relation to  the latest department of labor guidance and requirements.

Automate reporting requirements

From IRS annual reporting to buyer information sharing requirements, easily generate on-demand and automated reports.

Reunion Accelerates Investment Into Clean Energy

Reunion’s team has been at the forefront of clean energy financing for the last twenty years. We help CFOs and corporate tax teams purchase clean energy tax credits through a detailed and comprehensive transaction process.

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