Maximized Tax Credit Value for Solar Developers

Regardless of technology or credit type, consistently garner optimal pricing for your solar tax credits.

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Illuminating the tax credit landscape

Built by solar developers

Our founding team pioneered early solar financing structures with tax equity and private equity investors, leading some of the first solar transactions with institutions such as US Bank, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Key Bank, PNC, Nord/LB, D.E. Shaw, and First Reserve.

Leading with innovation

By leveraging the Reunion platform, we are able to execute innovative tax credit transfer deals, bringing certainty to solar projects of all shapes and sizes.

Guiding with expertise & advice

As a transaction partner, Reunion provides balanced advice to both sellers and buyers to reliably drive transactions to a close.

Directly Access  
Fortune 500 Buyers

Reunion partners with the largest corporate tax credit purchasers in the US, ensuring developers are provided with highly sophisticated capital.

Support Across the Development & Transaction Lifecycle

Reunion offers products that span the development & transaction lifecycle to help developers manage the entire credit transfer process.

The majority of projects 
listed on Reunion are from solar developers

Reunion features a variety of solar projects selling either §48 ITCs or §45 PTCs.

The Reunion platform

Utilize the Reunion platform to manage your project listings, solicit buyer interest, and close transactions while being guided by Reunion experienced team.

Receive expressions of interest

Buyers will submit expressions of interest to your listed projects. Review expressions of interest on your schedule and get introduced to buyers with offers that meet your ideal criteria.

List your projects

Easily list your projects on the Reunion marketplace to gain exposure to our curated buyer community. Buyers are vetted for experience and their ability to transact quickly.

Negotiate credit sale

Through strategic guidance and deep experience in the renewable energy tax credit landscape, we ensure that our project developers receive the best possible deal terms.

Get paid

The Reunion transactions team will guide you through the negotiation of your tax credit transfer agreement to ensure that your transaction closes seamlessly and that you get paid quickly.

Dependable insights for
solar developers

Explore insights delivered for your entire organization.

Navigating Prevailing Wage & Apprenticeship Requirements in the IRA

In episode 6, Reunion's CEO, Andy Moon, explores the IRA's prevailing wage requirements with Craig Smith, a partner at Wiley Rein, who's dedicated his career to the Davis-Bacon Act.

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Transferable Tax Credit Handbook

Explore the market for clean energy tax credit transactions with this comprehensive guide, offering invaluable insights for both buyers and sellers.

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Transferable Tax Credit Pricing Expectations In 2024

In 2023, IRA tax credits traded in fairly narrow pricing bands defined by risk and scale. Reunion believes risk and scale will continue to drive pricing in 2024, though pricing bands will widen.

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Reunion Accelerates Investment Into Clean Energy

Reunion’s team has been at the forefront of clean energy financing for the last twenty years. We help CFOs and corporate tax teams purchase clean energy tax credits through a detailed and comprehensive transaction process.

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