Sophisticated Transferable
Tax Credit Deliverability for Banks and Financial Institutions

Bespoke packaging of transferable tax credits to meet the specific needs of banks and financial institutions.

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Seamless transactions for financial institutions

Work with a team experienced in tax equity & underwriting support

Reunion’s transactions team has been at the forefront of tax equity innovation Since 2006, leading over $2 Billion in transactions with organizations like JP Morgan, US Bank, and D.E. Shaw.

The marketplace with the deepest pool of credits

Access a marketplace of pre-screened, regionally-diverse projects and mitigate risk through our actively-managed transaction process.

Deep transactional expertise

Reunion actively manages transactions through a technology-enabled diligence process by producing diligence memos and supporting materials that investment committees rely upon.

Access diversified technologies & credits

Reunion supports a growing variety of renewable energy project technologies and credit types.

Accommodating any 
yield target

Utilize Reunion’s marketplace to source projects or construct portfolios that meet your internal yield hurdles.

Financial sector tax credit monetization

Financial institutions have pioneered renewable energy finance by monetizing over 85% of tax benefits from wind, solar, and other project technologies.

The Reunion platform

Utilize the Reunion platform to research projects, identify those that meet your search criteria, and close transactions while being guided by Reunion’s experienced team.

Apply filters

Easily translate your project search criteria into standardized project filters to surface projects that meet your cash flow, timing, and tax credit requirements while ensuring that you never miss a new project via automated project notifications.

Review projects

Our project developer community has been carefully selected for experience and quality. Reunion’s project pool enables maximum flexibility to meet your credit and project selection criteria.

Construct portfolios

Save projects to your portfolio for easy tracking and criteria specification. Reunion’s transaction team will collaborate with you to construct your portfolio and ensure that it is well balanced.

Indicate interest

Once you’ve identified an ideal project, easily submit a non-binding indication of interest to the project sponsor. Reunion’s transaction team facilitates introductions and guides you every step of the way.

Market intelligence for banking and financial services professionals

Insights sourced from across the entire 
transferability market.

Unlocking The Economic Benefits Of Tax Credits Before Cash Payment

Corporate taxpayers can buy tax credits in a way that preserves the timing of existing tax-related cashflows, or even improves corporate cash availability relative to the status quo.

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Transferable Tax Credit Handbook

Explore the market for clean energy tax credit transactions with this comprehensive guide, offering invaluable insights for both buyers and sellers.

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Transferable Tax Credit Pricing Expectations In 2024

In 2023, IRA tax credits traded in fairly narrow pricing bands defined by risk and scale. Reunion believes risk and scale will continue to drive pricing in 2024, though pricing bands will widen.

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Reunion Accelerates Investment Into Clean Energy

Reunion’s team has been at the forefront of clean energy financing for the last twenty years. We help CFOs and corporate tax teams purchase clean energy tax credits through a detailed and comprehensive transaction process.

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