Tax Credit Insurance

Attract high-quality tax credit buyers by ensuring your project includes tax credit insurance that protects against potential loss or recapture by the IRS.

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Protect the investment into your projects

Understanding tax credit insurance

Tax Credit Insurance is a financial security measure that protects the value of tax credits in the event of loss or recapture. It is particularly useful for project developers who are looking to monetize their tax credits but face potential risks. This insurance coverage ensures that the value of the tax credits is not lower than expected, providing financial stability and risk mitigation⁠.

Get your project noticed

Buyers often require tax credit insurance in a transaction. Elevate your project on Reunion’s marketplace by procuring insurance before listing.

Protect the value of your credits

Protecting the value of your transferable tax credits is essential to ensuring that your project is funded without delay or future disallowance.

Reunion Accelerates Investment Into Clean Energy

Reunion’s team has been at the forefront of clean energy financing for the last twenty years. We help CFOs and corporate tax teams purchase clean energy tax credits through a detailed and comprehensive transaction process.

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