Economic Model for Tax Credit Buyers

Download our transferability economic model for corporate taxpayers and align it with your company's fact pattern to ensure that you are aware of the post-tax nature of tax credit return metrics.

  • Economic model analyzing various scenarios for the timing of tax credit transfer purchases and their impact on corporate cash flows.
  • Analysis of notional credit amount, purchase price, discount, and interest rate assumptions.
  • Scenarios include estimated quarterly payment schedules and the impact on quarterly and annual cash flows.
  • IRR and ROI calculations under each scenario to demonstrate the difference in economic outcomes based on purchase timing.
  • Scenario variance based on timing of signing, closing, and recognizing of a tax credit transfer.

Reunion Accelerates Investment Into Clean Energy

Reunion’s team has been at the forefront of clean energy financing for the last twenty years. We help CFOs and corporate tax teams purchase clean energy tax credits through a detailed and comprehensive transaction process.

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