August 10, 2023
5 min read

Reunion: Your Summer 2023 Update and Insights

We’ve been keeping busy at Reunion this summer and are excited to share our recent updates.

Reunion launches clean energy tax credit marketplace, which now has over $2 billion in tax credits available for sale

In July, we announced Reunion’s digital marketplace, with over $1 billion in near-term tax credits from clean energy projects such as wind, solar, battery storage, and biogas. Since then, the supply of tax credits on our platform has grown to over $2 billion!

Watch our marketplace announcement to learn more.

If you are a corporate buyer looking to purchase tax credits, please sign up to get access to the platform and take a look at our project portfolio. In addition to the largest inventory of marketable tax credits, we provide transactional support with deal structuring, insurance, and due diligence. Early tax credit transfer transactions are novel and complex, and we are here to answer your questions.

For project developers, please contact us to add your projects to our marketplace. All projects are listed in a way that protects the confidentiality of the sponsor, the project, and project counterparties. There is no obligation or exclusivity to listing a project. A seller portal will be released shortly that will allow you to easily add, edit, or remove projects from the marketplace.

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Our founding team has a combined 40+ years of experience in clean energy finance, and we are sharing real-time market observations via our website and our LinkedIn page. Recent highlights:

  • Billy Lee, Co-Founder and President, notes that tax equity is becoming relatively more scarce, and predicts transferability will become a component of most tax equity deals going forward (link)
  • Kevin Haley, Head of Tax Credit Capital, wrote a popular article on how transferable tax credits help corporations navigate Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (link)
  • Our founding story: while Reunion launched in 2023, we have laid the groundwork for this company over many years (link)

Recent appearances at industry events

Billy Lee appeared on the Norton Rose podcast with Bank of America, JP Morgan, and others; it was covered in the June Project Finance newswire, and a transcript was published here.

Andy Moon, Co-Founder and CEO, appeared on a panel discussion with Perkins Coie and Novogradac to do a deep dive into Treasury's guidance on tax credit transfers.

Andy Moon appeared on a panel with JP Morgan, Marathon Capital, and others in June at the Norton Rose Energy Finance conference; please keep an eye out for the August Project Finance newswire for a transcript.

Looking forward to the rest of the year

The Treasury Department released Proposed Regulations for tax credit transfers on June 14, and the clean energy industry breathed a collective sigh of relief. Uncertainty around the timing and the contents of Treasury guidance has been a hindrance to moving tax credit deals forward. Treasury clearly laid out the mechanism for tax credit transfers, and confirmed several important economic points (e.g., tax credits purchased at a discount will not be subject to tax on the discounted amount; tax credits can be used to offset estimated quarterly tax payments).

Reunion has been pleased with the uptick in activity from both buyers and sellers since June 14. Please let us know if we can help your organization purchase or sell a tax credit, or if we can collaborate on furthering the market for clean energy tax credits.

Have a great rest of the summer!

Reunion accelerates investment into clean energy

Our platform facilitates the purchase and sale of transferable tax credits to support solar, wind, battery, biogas and other clean energy projects.
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