November 22, 2023

Reunion's Mission and Values

Take a look at Reunion's mission and values to see how these guiding principles shape our team and culture. Join us as we fight the climate crisis by ensuring more renewable energy projects get built.

At Reunion, we believe that setting a strong company culture from the start is a critical part of building a high-performing company. Our founding team worked together to define company values that influence our everyday work; from how we screen and hire new employees, to how we collaborate and develop our product offering.

Our mission has remained constant. Our team members are motivated by our mission to make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change. We believe that our team is uniquely positioned to increase deployment of renewable energy through our deep experience in financing.

We have five core company values. Every quarter, we re-visit our company values and ask whether these values remain relevant to how we work. This always spurs insightful and honest reflections on where we are succeeding and where we can improve. Sometimes, it leads us to adjust our company values to better reflect what is truly important.

Our mission

Reunion’s mission is to accelerate investment into renewable energy projects by simplifying the project financing process.

Our values

Communicate empathetically and directly
  • We communicate openly and directly, even in disagreement
  • We are kind and assume our teammates, customers, and partners have the best intentions
How can we go faster?
  • We make firm and fast decisions, particularly on decisions that can be reversed
  • We ship fast and adjust course based on data and feedback
How can we do it better?
  • We run experiments that we can measure and are open to changing our minds when presented with data
  • We keep an “enterprise-level” bar for excellence
Everybody is a leader and an owner
  • Anybody can own an initiative and make it a reality
  • If we commit to a project, we aim to follow through to finish
Continuous growth
  • We strive to keep learning and improving, both as a company and as individuals
  • Feedback is a gift; we embrace opportunities to grow

Come join us

Defining and refining our company values has helped us clarify who we want to be as a company. We have developed a high-performance culture, and we have surprised ourselves at times with our pace of execution despite having a small (but mighty) team. I should also emphasize that, although it’s not an official company value, we also have fun! 🙂

We believe that hiring and motivating the best people will be core to achieving our climate mission. If our mission and values resonate with you, we are always looking for talented people to join us – check out our open roles.

Reunion accelerates investment into clean energy

Our platform facilitates the purchase and sale of transferable tax credits to support solar, wind, battery, biogas and other clean energy projects.
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